Windfarm Noise Impact Assessment

BEC can provide a comprehensive Noise Impact Assessment of proposed windfarms which typically include a medium term baseline noise assessment survey, preparation of a noise modelling study to advise the developer on the most appropriate locations for turbines with regard to noise impact on receptors, the preparation of a Construction and Operational Phase Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment including graphical presentations of noise contours generated by the proposed wind farm under different operating scenarios.

Noise impacts associated with the operation of a proposed wind farm development are determined by utilising CadnaA Version 3.72.129 (SN4415) Noise Prediction Modelling Software which calculates, presents, and assesses noise propagation of noise sources (wind turbines) according to ISO 9613-2, 1996 Acoustics-Attenuation of sound propagation outdoors.windfarm

The noise modelling study incorporates the following elements:

  • Import of a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and Raster graphic files of the subject development area under licence agreement from the Ordnance Survey Ireland
  • Input of Maximum Potential Sound Power Levels of the operational wind turbines over a range of different operating modes in different wind speed conditions.
  • Computer Model calculation of the propagation of sound levels generated by the operation of the wind farm development.
  • Prediction of the maximum sound levels at the closest noise sensitive receptors to the wind farm site.
  • Tabular and Graphical presentation of noise propagation modelling assessment