BEC specialise in the provision of environmental monitoring services (typically, noise, vibration and dust monitoring and waste management) to clients in the construction and civil engineering industries. Where construction works occur in proximity to residential receptors or commercial premises, it is prudent to conduct monitoring during the works to ensure that site activities do not have an adverse or unacceptable impact on identified receptors. The implementation of a works environmental monitoring programme can benefit the contractor for the following reasons:

  •    Control of site works to minimise the potential for adverse impact on structures and local receptors
  •    Minimise the potential for claims of damage and nuisance
  •    Enhanced profile of contractor with consideration of the environment and receptors
  •    Preparation of Construction Site / Demolition Site Waste and Environmental Management Plans
  •    Construction Phase Monitoring (Noise, Vibration, Air Quality, Water)
  •    Construction Site Waste & Environmental Management Plans (WEMP) can be prepared to define how the construction phase will be conducted to ensure that the impact on the receiving environment and on other third parties will be minimised to acceptable levels.These plans are commonly required to be submitted to a Planning Authority prior to the commencement of a development.