Construction Site Noise Monitoring and Management

Where the potential arises for a construction site to cause noise nuisance or disturbance, we can develop a site specific Noise Monitoring and Management Programme which will include the identification of affected receptors, the establishment of baseline noise levels, the recommendation of appropriate noise limit target levels and assessment methodologies the implementation of practical noise attenuation techniques and the continuous / routine measurement of noise levels during the construction phase.

Byrne Environmental Consulting Ltd also provide a “middle man” public relations service in which we liase with members of the effected public on behalf of the Client to resolve noise nuisance issues. Noise Impact Assessment – Windfarms, Industrial / Commercial, Quarry Developments

We at Byrne Environmental Consulting have gained a considerable and focused knowledge of how various developments may impact the existing ambient noise environment and we have prepared appropriate Noise Impact Assessments to demonstrate to both Planning Authorities and the Environmental Protection Agency that a proposed development through appropriate design and the implementation of Best Practice will ensure that the construction and operational phases of the development will not result in an adverse noise impact on the receiving environment or on local Noise Sensitive Receptors.